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We’re 12x nominees for B2B Marketing Awards 2023

07 . 09 . 23

You could be forgiven for thinking that it would be hard to top our five B2B marketing award nominations in 2020 and the seven nominations in 2021. 

But this year we have, with Digital Radish receiving 12 nominations. If you were counting them, you’d run out of fingers and have to take your socks off to tally them all up — that’s how many there are!

And with this news so hot off the press, let’s dive into some highlights of the campaigns that got us shortlisted. We should say, we’ve been nominated for the third time for the biggie, B2B agency of the year. But there’s so much to unpack there, we have a separate blog all about that. 

So, for now, sit back and enjoy a run down of the other 11 campaign nominations we’ve received. Let’s roll…

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To promote Kelly International’s latest offering, we turned to  the world of film and TV for inspiration. We developed the concept ‘thrillingly predictable staffing’, juxtaposing the universally ‘thrilling’ style and form of TV dramas with the ‘predictable’ benefits that Kelly’s unique product offers. See how we harnessed the power of thrillers in our case study

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International law firm, Addleshaw Goddard recognised the need for more harmony between General Counsel (GCs) and the boardroom. And with rival firms flooding inboxes with thought-leadership pieces, an ordinary whitepaper wasn’t going to cut it. But what better way to cut through the noise than with music? Pin your ears back, and get ready to listen to the best songs you’ve never heard — all communicating that everything’s better with the GC!

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Neo4j’s graph data platform captures the relationships in data to help companies better understand the interconnected world we live and work in. We created a targeted ABM campaign to communicate ‘lightbulb moments’ — making Neo4j’s customers realise how much more they could be doing with their existing data sets and graph platforms. All of this was brought to life by a campaign identity that reflected the key creative idea — shape your data into something greater. Find out more here.

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KellyOCG GO was launched to answer the challenges faced by high-growth mid-market companies who hire and manage flexible talent. To raise awareness of this new solution, we developed our creative concept on the delicate tipping point high-growth businesses face, as they look to develop more structure and process while retaining the agility and innovation that helped them grow in the first place. This was one of KellyOCG’s first ABM campaigns, and we gave them one to remember… 

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To win the fight against increasingly sophisticated fraud, banks need an innovative solution like Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform. Our challenge was to show time-poor, hard-to-reach professionals the value that Quantexa could bring to their existing tech stack. And boy, did we do that — using an ABM strategy as creative and dexterous as the scammers themselves! Read more in our case study. 

So, there we have it — a whistle stop tour of our nominations for 2023’S B2B Marketing awards. Be sure to check back to read our blog on our agency of the year nomination. We’re looking forward to attending the awards evening in November and seeing lots of friendly faces. If you’re going to be there, let us know — we’d love to chat with you, and a big congratulations to all the other nominees.