Engaging high-potential customers with precision ABM

Gold Winner for Best Customer Growth or Retention Initiative at B2B Marketing Awards ’24

Gold Winner for Best Sales Enablement Initiative at B2B Marketing Awards ’24

An ABM campaign designed to grow Neo4j’s footprint within 8x “platinum” accounts.

$ 0million pipeline revenue

0new customer contacts

0:1 ROI

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Better understanding our connected world

Neo4j’s graph data platform captures the relationships in data to help companies better understand the interconnected world we live and work in. The company had already secured an enviable list of customers, with deployments in some of the world’s most recognisable brands and major public sector organisations. But these accounts were only scratching the surface of what was possible — with both Neo4j and their data.

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Creating lightbulb moments

Neo4j needed a targeted campaign to convince innovators and decision makers at customer accounts of its technology’s versatility and flexibility. Interviews with the Neo4j-ers that knew these accounts best revealed that, by showing customers how much more they could be doing with their existing data sets and graph platforms, we could create lightbulb moments that inspired them to act.

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Shape your data into something greater


Combined with detailed competition analysis, this insight underpinned a differentiated creative space for the campaign: shape your data into something greater.

A suite of custom content was developed for target accounts, including “account manifestos” and online hubs for the curation of account-specific content and case studies. Email nurture campaigns were created to drive engagement with sales. And customer champions were engaged to record video testimonials and collaborate on on-site graph innovation workshops. We also developed account-specific plans for elevating existing content and activity to date, to maximise the value of previous investments in each customer.