Harnessing ABM to help a new service blossom

One of KellyOCG’s first ABM campaigns, which helped them launch a brand new product in the high-growth business market.

Silver Winner for Best ABM Campaign at B2B Ignite ’23

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v3.9 Kelly OCG Go Deck

The trouble with flexible talent management

For high-growth mid-market companies, hiring and managing flexible talent can be tough. Retaining visibility and control of quality of output and costs are no mean feat while a company looks to maintain its rate of growth, and that’s why KellyOCG GO was launched. Whereas most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are bespoke offerings for large enterprises, GO is a streamlined, standardised model ideal for mid-market businesses.


v3.9 Kelly OCG Go Deck2

Finding the balance between process and progress

To raise awareness of KellyOCG’s GO offering, and drive interest to deliver net new logos among carefully selected clusters of accounts, we developed a visually ingenuitive creative concept. It spoke to the delicate tipping point high-growth businesses face, as they look to develop more structure and process while retaining the agility and innovation that helped them grow in the first place.

DigitalRadish Campaign KellyOCG 1
DigitalRadish Campaign KellyOCG 6

Bringing Account-Based thinking to the fore

This was one of KellyOCG’s first ABM campaigns, and we gave them one to remember. Developing a focused and highly collaborative programme approach, we built a full 1:Many campaign including landing pages, email comms, thought leadership pieces, social outreach as well as intimate, exec-level experiences and roundtables. While the campaign is ongoing, it’s just the beginning for our partnership with Kelly Services, with more seriously category-defining work to come.

DigitalRadish Campaign KellyOCG 2
DigitalRadish Campaign KellyOCG 3

"Digital Radish showed an immediate and thorough understanding of our business’s unique complexities, quickly establishing themselves as a crucial part of the team."

Lauren Clovis, Head of Marketing, KellyOCG

"This is definitely bold, not beige, and that’s exactly what we asked for. You could be part of our own creative team you’ve captured our brand so well."

Russ Seidler, Director of Global Brand Strategy, KellyOCG