Who we are

The growth of Digital Radish

It all started in London in 2013 when Lorna and Renaye, both client-side marketers at the time, realised they didn’t want to work with the kind of marketing agency that just responded to a brief, they wanted strategic direction. That proved surprisingly hard to find, so they created Digital Radish, the type of marketing agency they wanted to work with.

We’re still growing and changing, but that same ethos, that complete client commitment still underpins the agency today. Your business worries keep us up at night too, and that’s why we’re here, to help our change-making clients break new ground.


For moments of change

We work best with high-growth B2B businesses at moments of strategic change, from market repositioning to IPOs and product launches. It’s at these moments where you need big ideas and fast-paced innovation that we thrive, helping our change-making clients to pivot or transition at speed and turn change into opportunity. 

Choosing the work we love

We choose client partnerships that are a good fit with our values and enable us to do work we love. That means we can focus on a set number of game-changing clients with a senior focus on all, and a commitment that’s earned us 100% NPS in client feedback.

Strategic and creative thinkers

Senior strategic and creative thinkers combine in agile, fast, and relentless delivery teams. Radishes have major B2B experience on brands like Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, and Hitachi, and at high profile agencies (that we won’t name here because this page is about us) and bring all that experience to the table for the benefit of our change-making clients.

"Working with Digital Radish, we were able to tap into different experts to ensure we were effectively optimising, building intelligence on our customer behaviour whilst seeing critical early-wins and initial results.”

Rachel James, Chief Marketing Officer, Applaud

"The results of the creative approach and the C-Suite engagement has been excellent. We should look to blueprint this approach and use for all T1 accounts to get real enterprise-level penetration."

Narinder Patti, FSI Sales Director, Exasol