Who we are

The growth of Digital Radish

It all started in London in 2013 when Lorna and Renaye, both client-side marketers at the time, realised they didn’t want to work with the kind of marketing agency that just responded to a brief, they wanted strategic direction. That proved surprisingly hard to find, so they created Digital Radish, the type of marketing agency they wanted to work with.

We’re still growing and changing, but that same ethos, that complete client commitment still underpins the agency today. Your business worries keep us up at night too, and that’s why we’re here, to help our change-making clients break new ground.

Driven by growth and acceleration

From seed to sprout in just 3 days, the humble radish is the world’s fastest growing vegetable. We embrace this ability to give technology businesses what they need to evolve quickly in the face of change. And, we’re the second fastest growing marketing agency in the UK, so we understand rapid expansion first-hand.

Deep-rooted thinking

We recruit from the likes of Bain, Google and McKinsey to unearth the substance below the surface. Our size means we focus on a set number of game-changing clients, with senior focus on all, so we can truly get to grips with your business.

Growing complex technology brands

Our unique approach to growing complex technology brands has taken our clients from pre-launch to millions of users, raised millions in funding and put millions in the pipeline.

"I'm still on a high about the work you've done for us. I love it. Digital Radish have done an incredible job in capturing Ticketer's essence and building a phenomenal brand around it."

John Clarfelt, Managing Director, Ticketer

“We’re a complex business facing complex challenges and I’m constantly amazed by your understanding of it all. You’re brave, proactive and you care just as much as us about the success of this project.”

Rob Ferrone, Director, Quick Release