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Making The Sunday Times’ Best Places To Work list

20 . 07 . 23

To say we were blown away when we found out that we made it onto this year’s The Sunday Times’ Best Place To Work list is an understatement. It’s a huge accolade to be rubbing shoulders with industry giants – and who doesn’t love to see their name in print?

We’re a sentimental bunch here at Radish HQ, and hearing the news made us reflect on the past 10 years. It gave us a chance to look back at all the incremental steps we’ve taken to boost employee wellbeing and how it’s helped us all come together to flourish.

Our management teams are constantly working to create a space and culture where people feel like they can be empowered, supported and work as the best version of themselves. It’s a large part of why we’ve won Agency of the Year awards (we took home Gold in 21/22 and Bronze in 22/23). Our entries were largely focused on how we put employee wellbeing over profits during COVID, how we continue to use happiness analytics to transform the way we work and why we’ve invested so much into creating meaningful experiences for the team.

To see all of that effort being recognised across the industry and from independent bodies like The Sunday Times is incredibly moving. 

Once we found out we made the list, Lorna – our incredible MD – did what she does best and got straight into the data*. 

*The data = Everyone at Digital Radish completed an anonymous survey provided by The Sunday Times through WorkL that measured a variety of factors from pay and rewards to diversity and sustainability. This feeds into your Best Places to Work entry, and you’re given the data back once the list has been published.

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Reward and recognition: 93%
Wellbeing: 93%
Job satisfaction: 93%
Information sharing: 92%
NPS score: 83%
Pride: 95%
Confidence in management: 91%
Empowerment: 93%

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At Digital Radish, we want to create experiences that are impossible to forget, not only for our clients but for our teams as well. Part of that means sustaining a culture that champions and supports the Radishes to be the best they can be, from their career progression, to their health and wellbeing.

That’s why our senior management team reviews our processes, priorities and rewards every six months (based on our happiness analytics scores) to make sure the team has what they need to succeed personally and professionally. This requires full transparency and honest conversations with every team member about the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Below are just some of the perks, benefits and initiatives we’ve introduced over the past few years that go above and beyond to make sure the team feels empowered, supported and rewarded. 


If brilliant work is being done, we trust the team to do it wherever or whenever they like! That means we can avoid rush hour by coming into the office early or late, and if we need to see the dentist or pick up our kids from school we can plan our day around it.


We go the extra mile for remote work, whether we’re logging in from home, from our lovely office at Tottenham Court Road, or anywhere in between. If we want to spend time abroad, or extend a trip without using up extra holiday days, we can – flexing our hours to make it work for the team and our clients.


At Digital Radish, progress is unlimited. You can go as far and as fast as you want in your career, regardless of years’ experience or time spent in a role. We support individuals with reviews every six months and by giving pay rises when there’s been a step change in work quality and level, not just when a particular date comes around.


Each month, the Radishes are given £30 to put towards a massage, gym membership, a spa trip or even a nice hotel – anything that’ll give us a lift. Plus, we have a day off for our birthdays and come together each year for an annual trip, giving us the chance to spend a few days celebrating our successes and unwinding together. 


Behind these incredible scores are a bunch of incredibly talented, dedicated and ambitious Radishes. Individuals who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, break boundaries and try something new to deliver meaningful work for our clients. Together, we’re ushering in a new era for B2B marketing, one day at a time.

We’re always on the lookout for new challengers to join the team, so do have a look at our careers page for more information about upcoming roles, our grad scheme and how to get in touch.