Kelly International

Using the drama of film and TV to blaze a new trail(er)

Reaching an international audience and overcoming the challenges of seeking temporary talent across the globe with ‘the most dramatic campaign seen in B2B’

£ 0million in pipeline revenue


0% increase on MQL target

The drama of filling short-term contracts

Hiring high volumes of temporary staff is a minefield of stress and drama for HR and procurement leaders as they source, approve and deal with 30+ agencies and hundreds of applications. Often HR is left without consistency or control of recruitment.

Our client, Kelly had the solution to this mid-market challenge: a single platform for hiring temporary talent at volume. Our mission was to establish Kelly internationally, and drive pipeline in territories that it wasn’t as well known for temporary volume hiring.

Ad 1 Static Endless Talent Supply

Thrillingly predictable recruitment

To reach HR leaders who had grown weary of the twists, turns and surprises of recruitment, we turned to  the world of film and TV. We developed the concept ‘thrillingly predictable staffing’, juxtaposing the universally ‘thrilling’ style and form of TV dramas with the ‘predictable’ benefits that Kelly’s unique product offers.

A global premiere and rave reviews

To create the level of awareness we required amongst our key markets, we designed a complex international advertising strategy that would work and adapt for all local markets and personas, heroing short ads that parodied the style of Netflix trailers to disrupt social feeds. With the campaign now live in over 10 countries, it’s set to create a lasting legacy for Kelly International.

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“It’s impossible to overstate this campaign’s full impact – we’ll still be seeing the results in 2-3 years' time! It’s the most dramatic B2B campaign we’ve seen in our industry, and has given us a consistent voice across all target countries, helping gain crucial attention for Kelly in this space and even beyond.”

John Wood, Director of Client Engagement and B2B Marketing Director, Kelly International