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Challenger Series Roundup: The Metaverse in B2B

09 . 05 . 23

Welcome to our Challenger Series! Each month, we host a live session to give marketers the tactics and insights to embrace new ideas and challenge the established state of play in B2B.

On Thursday 4th May, the Radishes hosted our first LinkedIn Live session to discuss the transformative power of the metaverse in B2B. We look at why the metaverse is currently unleveraged in the B2B space and how we’ve used it to elevate and transform over 15+ B2B campaigns. 

Why? Because we know what it’s like not knowing where to start with a brand new piece of tech. It’s why we share real examples and our honest experiences in this session to help marketers adopt a low-risk approach to the metaverse. 

Watch on demand


You can watch the session on demand here or take a look at our main takeaways below. We hope it helps you build the confidence to take small, incremental steps into the metaverse so you can explore its unlimited possibilities for yourself. 

The hosts of the Digital Radish Challenger Series Live
Behind the scenes at the Digital Radish Challenger Series
5 main takeaways from the Digital Radish Challenger series

1)  The metaverse is in its infancy, the hype around it has risen, fallen and risen again. The reality is no one knows what the future holds for it but there are new features and functionalities being added every day – so now’s the time to seize the opportunity to cut through the noise.

2) Remember, the metaverse is a tactic, not a solution. It still needs engaging creative, content and messaging but it can bring your campaign to life in a way that static ads and landing pages just can’t (whether it’s a product demo, a content hub, a gallery or a game.)

3) Unlike VR, the metaverse lives and breathes. Prospects can visit it any time, and you can personalise it to any account, persona or campaign. 

4) The social side of B2B is always going to be there, but the metaverse lets us connect and build meaningful relationships with clients and prospects regardless of location. It’s a great way to nurture prospects during the sales enablement phase, especially in 1-1 ABM campaigns. 

5) Preparation is key! Creating a memorable experience with the metaverse starts with logistics and making sure you’ve designed a cohesive user journey from wifi set up to the space you’re demo-ing the headsets.

Transforming b2b campaigns with the metaverse: real examples

Watch Lorna, Charlotte and Charlie discuss how we’ve used the metaverse for our clients Applaud, Auth0 and Multilaw here.

If you’ve got any questions about how you can use the metaverse for your campaigns, just drop us an email at hello@digitalradish.com. Or reach out to Lorna through LinkedIn