An unforgettable ‘Log Inn’ experience

A unique digital ABM programme that starred Auth0’s very own fictional hotel – The Log Inn – to personify the pitfalls of poor login experiences.  

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Digital Radish Website Auth0 Asset Negative

Checking-in in style

Auth0 is a leading Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform whose main challenge was one of education; their audience underestimated the importance of their website’s login experience. To change this perception, we created a 1:Many ABM programme demonstrating the real human impact a poor login experience can have on customers and – in turn – business success.


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A 5-star creative campaign

And so we created ‘The Log Inn’, a fictional hotel that represented the negative experiences customers endure during poor login journeys – a pain point shared by both their target personas: developers and the C-suite. The Log Inn was promoted through a series of humorous ‘customer review’ digital adverts (Google Display, LinkedIn, YouTube). A four-stage content nurture flow provided relevant reading for every stage of the funnel, spearheaded by an awareness report: ‘The ReWelcome Pack’.


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