Employee Experience, Evolved

An award-nominated ABM campaign that reclaimed Applaud’s market-leading voice and creatively disrupted the digital employee experience (EX) market. 


0sales opportunities in eight weeks

0% ROI

Standing out from the crowd

With the pandemic raising employee expectations around flexible working and HR technology, and competitors crowding into the employee experience space, Applaud found their message was becoming diluted in a newly saturated market. They needed a campaign that would cut through the noise and engage HR and EX leaders on a deeper level.

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One layer for all the difference

We developed a unique multi-channel strategy that simultaneously showcased the unique power of Applaud’s product and built meaningful connections with prospects. Our creative concept, which represented how Applaud’s Workforce Experience Layer can transform ordinary organisations into truly extraordinary ones, was the foundation for our always-on programme that included metaverse roundtables and influencer collaborations.

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Innovating in EX, again

The campaign exceeded all expectations thanks to the alignment of Applaud’s sales and marketing teams, hitting 16.7% above target in generated and influenced pipeline revenue. A nimble content hub helped create 12 sales opportunities in 8 weeks – 62% higher than objective – with 825% ROI, underlining Applaud’s value amid fierce competition. It was also nominated for Best Use of ABM in the 2022 B2B Marketing Awards.

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"Working with Digital Radish, we were able to tap into different experts to ensure we were effectively optimising, building intelligence on our customer behaviour whilst seeing critical early-wins and initial results.”

Rachel James, Chief Marketing Officer, Applaud