A rebrand to end distance between people and places

An era-defining rebrand for one of the world’s premier global law networks, built on the trust of enduring professional relationships.

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Defining a new era for Multilaw

Multilaw has been one of the globe’s most trusted law networks for three decades, but in that time, the landscape has changed. Multilaw needed a rebrand to help them attract a new generation of law professionals, where modern professional relationships are formed based on mutual respect. 


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Putting an end to distance in cross-border law

At a time when most law networks boast about the size and breadth of their reach, we recognised Multilaw’s ability to make the world smaller by bridging cultural, legal and professional gaps. Drawing from this unique insight, we refined the brand – showcasing its core purpose of ‘putting an end to distance’ for its members.

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A confident, cosmopolitan new identity

With this purpose came an authentic brand DNA, which personifies the modern, open-minded approach Multilaw takes. A logo inspired by the wayfinder symbol and representing the joining of two points is used as a distinct brand asset in combination with a new photography style. Now every element of this brand, including the tone of voice and messaging creates a sense of closeness as culture, industry and lives are brought together. 

“The rebrand has completely transformed our organisation. It gives us a unique character and has resulted in significant business growth for Multilaw.”

Caroline Kerr-Martin, Head of Marketing and Operations, Multilaw