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We’re 7x nominees for 2021’s B2B Marketing Awards

17 . 09 . 21

Flashback to this time last year: we’ve just been nominated for five B2B Marketing awards, thinking “how can it get better than this?” as we clink our glasses in celebration. 

Twelve months later, here we are with SEVEN nominations for our campaigns with Exasol and LifeWorks, including a shortlist for “Agency of the Year”.

Ecstatic doesn’t quite cover it. 

Whilst we let the good news sink in, here’s a round-up of the campaigns that got us shortlisted for:

  • Best Use of Creative: Exasol
  • Best Use of ABM: Exasol
  • Best Sales Enablement Initiative: Exasol
  • Best Use of Content Marketing: Exasol
  • Best Limited Budget Campaign: LifeWorks
  • Agency of the Year: Digital Radish


Ending Retro Expectations for Exasol

Digital Radish Blog B2B Awards 2021 Exasol 1
Digital Radish Blog B2B Awards 2021 Exasol 2

Campaign recap:

What do you do when you’re up against household names with a sceptical audience who don’t appreciate that their current database experiences are archaic? You go back to the ‘80s. The retro sci-fi creative for this ABM engine successfully provoked data leaders to end their outdated expectations of database performance.

To take on these challenges for Exasol, the fastest database in the market, we created a highly targeted, multi-region, multi-variant ABM programme at scale, that leveraged specificity and personalisation to reshape audience perceptions of what’s possible.

Described as the “blueprint approach for enterprise-level penetration”, this was a fully integrated 1-1, 1-few and 1-many ABM engine that moved accounts with agility up and down the funnel. The ‘80s sci-fi creative used humour and flexed to multiple use cases showing prospects how their current database experiences are now laughably outdated, ending retro expectations for good. 

Digital Radish Blog B2B Awards 2021 Exasol 3
Digital Radish Blog B2B Awards 2021 Exasol 4

Campaign highlights:

  • Engagement with 65% of target accounts across UK, Nordics, Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France (+15% higher than target)
  • 1.1 million impressions (+10% higher than target)
  • 172 sales meetings generated (+14% higher than target)
  • 65 sales opportunities created (+30% higher than target)


For Every Kind of Day for Lifeworks

Digital Radish Blog B2B Awards 2021 Lifeworks 2
Digital Radish Blog B2B Awards 2021 Lifeworks 1 L 1

Campaign recap:

A creative campaign that repositioned LifeWorks, a b2b Employee Assistance Platform (EAP), for a consumer audience, emotionally engaging employees to take advantage of the app and take care of their own everyday wellbeing. 

LifeWorks was struggling to fully plug into the AU market. Despite a strong customer base of businesses, the end-users were not using the app to its full potential, which included add-ons such as 24/7 counselling, leaving employees without the vital wellbeing support they needed.

We pivoted this b2b brand to emotionally engage employees. By amplifying the message through thoughtful social advertising and an email nurture flow, the campaign was able to reach thousands of employees and provide the everyday well-being support they were missing. 

Campaign highlights:

  • 6,000 employees supported
  • 35% conversion rate to calls 
  • 98,149 ad views



B2B Agency of the Year


The only nomination we didn’t need to create a campaign for. 

As the pandemic grew, we quickly realised that we had to completely change the way we ran our business for the sake of our clients and our team. To deliver on our brand purpose to break new ground, we changed the success criteria for the agency and took (unlikely) inspiration from Bhutan, the only country in the world to measure itself in gross national happiness, rather than GDP.

Digital Radish Blog B2B Awards 2021 Agency of the year 2
Digital Radish Blog B2B Awards 2021 Agency of the year 1

In our new approach, we stopped focusing on metrics like profit and revenue. Instead, every single decision was guided by what was best for clients and happiness analytics that took into consideration innovation, team development, wellbeing, CSR, work/life balance and many other factors. This revolutionary move resulted in exponential growth for the agency, incredible client feedback, and the most engaged team we’ve ever had.



That’s it folks

So, there we are. Another year of incredible opportunities, amazing clients and hard work from the Radishes. We might still have a few more months to go until the big night, but for now, we’re happy celebrating our seven nominations. 

As always, if you’ve got questions about either of these campaigns – or want to find out more about our Agency of the Year nomination – don’t hesitate to get in touch!