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We’re 5x nominees for 2020’s B2B Marketing Awards!

11 . 09 . 20

It’s official. For the second year in a row, we’ve been nominated for FIVE B2B Marketing Awards!

In true Radish style, we couldn’t wait to share with you some highlights of the campaigns that got us shortlisted.


KARHOO: A passport to the world’s top online travel agent

 Nominated for Best limited-budget campaign & Best use of direct mail

DigitalRadish ABM Karhoo 1
DigitalRadish ABM Karhoo 2

Campaign recap:

Aiming for awareness in the vast online travel sector, up-and-coming digital ride-hailing platform Karhoo needed something both innovative and relatively inexpensive. So, we focussed our efforts on snaring the attention of just 10 of the world’s biggest OTAs, bypassing gatekeepers and catching the eye of major stakeholders in our 1 to 1 ABM campaign. To do this, they needed a special kind of DM, something with the style and substance to gain access to the right contacts. How better to gain access than with a passport?


The highlights:

  • Individual ‘passports to success’ were sent as a DM to decision-makers within each account to show prospects how Karhoo can help them meet their ‘destinations’ (goals)
  • Accompanying the passports we included: a ‘boarding pass’ CTA; a ‘luggage sticker’ featuring a QR code to Karhoo’s site, an introduction letter, and branded travel merchandise
  • Social selling was used to engage each of our targets with a bespoke landing page acting as a teaser for our passports and building awareness ahead of the drop
DigitalRadish ABM Karhoo 4

Give us the results:

Thanks to our carefully crafted touchpoints, this campaign had 100% account engagement with content and produced a whopping 772% ROI for Karhoo. We’ll let that sink in…


VEEAM: Backup. Move forward

Nominated for Best sales enablement initiative, Best corporate decision-maker award & Best use of ABM 

Sales Vid

Campaign recap:

Veeam needed a 1 to 1 ABM campaign to crack open the UK enterprise market, with a reimagined strategy and sticky content to reach straight into the work-from-home offices of Executive and Technical Decision Makers across the country. Our “Backup. Move forward” campaign targeted 19 enterprise accounts through a 5-touchpoint programme that drew its strength from a highly-personalised set of content and comms, and constant strategic re-evaluation of the market. 


The highlights:

  • Individual comms plans for every IT professional based on their ideal conversation style
  • The human touch of a DM was replaced with personal videos from the Sales Team. 
  • Detailed report examining each account’s backup situation with hyper-personalised top and tail sections
  • Live results dashboard for Sales to access
Typo Vid
LAnding Page

Give us the results:

As if that wasn’t enough, this campaign generated over $1m in pipeline revenue in 3 weeks of nationwide lockdown with a 95% account engagement rate.


The awards ceremony might be another few months away, but for now, we’re going to carry on celebrating these incredible results and get back to what we do best: creating award-winning campaigns for our clients.

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