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Getting personal with the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers

A one-to-one ABM campaign that gained a Europe-wide contract with Ford, opened conversations with the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers and won a GOLD International B2B Marketing Award.

0% ROI

0% international engagement with target accounts

0% response rate across all account contacts

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Masternaut are leaders in the telematics field, but with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) beginning to install their own in-vehicle telematics, Masternaut needed to position themselves as a strategic partner, beyond being a technology provider, leveraging their telematics data and consultancy offering to open up new revenue streams.

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Our one-to-one ABM methodology (extensive persona research, market analysis and in-depth account mapping) identified the OEMs who would most value Masternaut’s exclusive insights based on data from 250,000+ connected vehicles.

The creative campaign ‘Revealing your unseen advantage’ captured the potential power of this data. Extremely customised teaser reports, sent padlocked to prospects for an element of secrecy, provided exclusive insights to get each prospect hooked.

Adding a human touch, Masternaut’s Global Director of Catalytix, Alberto de Monte, was used as the face of the campaign, following up and continuing the one-to-one nurture to secure those all-important meetings.

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A Europe-wide contract with Ford, international engagement with the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers, and a GOLD B2B Marketing Award.

2,567% ROI

Sales meetings booked with 33.3% of top tier accounts

International engagement with 100% of target accounts

54% response rate across all account contacts