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5 Reasons To Join Digital Radish, the Agency of the Year

22 . 11 . 21

It’s fair to say it’s been a big year for Digital Radish. Over the past 12 months, we’ve won 4 B2B Marketing Awards – including Agency of the Year – doubled in size, and even managed to take the team away for our annual trip to Ibiza. 

But anyone who knows us knows we’re not the type to stand still. We’re already on the hunt for new talent which is why we created this blog, to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work at Digital Radish, B2B Agency of the Year (no we won’t get tired of saying that). And who better to give you the lowdown than the Radishes themselves?

Reason 1: Culture isn’t just a buzzword for us


Out of all our strengths, the one we’re most proud of is our team culture. It’s something that every agency talks about, but in our case, it really is something special. Every employee who finds themselves part of the Radish team – even those who’ve spent their entire time working remotely with us – says the same thing: they’ve never known a culture quite like it, and it’s something that we all take immense pride in.

The reason is simple: we’re very picky. Everyone we hire is a positive, compassionate person, which leads to the sociable, proactive and often eccentric environment we’ve been able to cultivate here. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people, you’re in for a treat. 


We’re also committed to listening to our employees, making sure we put their happiness first. When you join our team, you become a decisive part of our agency’s journey, with the power to truly affect how we do things.  That’s why we regularly send out employee happiness surveys to understand better if there should be any changes to the way we work. Most importantly, we action these changes.


Reason 2: These aren’t your average employee benefits


With another yearly team trip to Ibiza under our belt, it seems only fitting to mention a few of our employee benefits and perks. We pride ourselves on rewarding the Digital Radish team for their hard work and commitment, which is why we give the team a free, company-bankrolled trip to Ibiza, every year. Not too shabby, hey?

Bringing things back a little closer to home though…there’s no doubting the difference the pandemic has made to the way we live and work. It’s shown the importance of giving employees the kind of working experience they feel comfortable in having. It’s why we offer a £200 home office budget to make working from home that much more comfortable. We’re also flexible when it comes to working in the office so no matter what your circumstances are – whether you’re a parent, an out-of-towner or an office ever-present – we’ll help put your needs first. 

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And, speaking of flexing, not to mention jumping, squatting, burpeeing or however else you might like to stay healthy (how’s that for a segway?), we also take the everyday health of our team very seriously. We hold a weekly online personal training session, offer premium Perkbox memberships with all of the health and wellbeing boosts that it brings, and we’re part of the cycle to work scheme. Safe to say, it’s not just our brains that get a workout at Digital Radish.


Reason 3: Our exceptional (and diverse) clients


We’ve been lucky enough throughout our time here to be able to pick and choose only the clients we really want to work with, which makes life at the agency better for 3 main reasons:

1. We maintain brilliant working relationships with our clients

2. Our clients trust us, which leads to freer, more creative, more exciting work

3. We only work with clients whose ethical values align with our own 


Reason 4: We’re ABM specialists 


Part of our recent success has come from our speciality in Account-Based Marketing – or ABM – which is the fastest-growing tool in B2B Marketing. It’s a highly strategic, bespoke marketing method that focuses on building personalised content specifically for target accounts.

We love working on ABM campaigns because they’re varied, allow for creativity and give us the chance to be highly strategic in the way we do things. In fact, our latest Exasol ABM campaign won 3x B2B Marketing Awards this year (2x Golds for Best Sales Enablement Initiative and Best Use of Content Marketing, and 1x Bronze for Best Use of ABM). So if that sounds like the kind of discipline that floats your boat – maybe it’s for you, too.  


Reason 5: We’re planting Roots of Change


We’re an agency that’s authentically committed to creating a more ethical, empathetic world, and it was from these goals that our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team was born. Under the name “Roots of Change”, the team get together weekly and have worked on some really important projects over the last few months, from the inclusion and awareness seminars we ran through pride week to turning our offices into a much more eco-friendly place to work when we return. 

DR CSR August Blog Assets 09

If you’re feeling inspired, take a look at this blog post to find out more about our four pillars, and the social and environmental commitments we’re making at Digital Radish to help reduce our carbon footprint.


Feeling inspired?


Perhaps these are just a few reasons why we won Agency of the Year at this year’s B2B Marketing Awards. Perhaps, it’s inspired you to make a change in your career. 

If you are thinking of a fresh start, why not have a look at the positions we have available here – or email us directly at hello@digitalradish.co.uk. As always, the Radishes are on hand with some advice for any future recruits. 



You never know, we might just be a match made in heaven…