The Drum Recommends

Summing things up nicely for The Drum Recommends

A smart, creative campaign for The Drum’s online agency search platform which we rolled out across print, social and CRM. The work only recently went live, but the positives are already adding up.


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A brand that needed to show their working

The Drum Recommends is an interactive platform that helps brands find the right marketing agency for any brief. It does so with its comprehensive rating system, enabling brands to feed back on the experiences they’ve had. While it’s a growing platform, they wanted to increase awareness and needed a sharp creative campaign to communicate exactly how they can help.

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Rating highly

Since the agency rating is such a large part of the platform’s appeal, we put it front and centre with our executions, highlighting those little things – good, and not-so-good – that make up any agency search. In doing so, we’re showing The Drum Recommends’ strengths with a playful, appealing story.


If you’re looking for a creative campaign that does far more than make up the numbers, why not get in touch?