An emotive shift to consumers for a b2b wellbeing brand

A creative campaign that repositioned LifeWorks, a b2b Employee Assistance Platform (EAP), for a consumer audience, emotionally engaging employees to take advantage of the app and take care of their own everyday wellbeing. This campaign has won Gold at The Drum B2B Awards 2021. 

0% ROI

0employees supported

0% conversion rate to calls

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Underused app, under-supported employees

LifeWorks was struggling to fully plug into the AU market. Despite a strong customer base of businesses, the end-users were not using the app to its full potential, which included add-ons such as 24/7 counselling, leaving employees without the vital wellbeing support they needed.

For every kind of day

We pivoted this b2b brand to emotionally engage employees. Research suggested that employees, more isolated than usual, were struggling with the ups and downs of daily life during the pandemic, inspiring the concept ‘wellbeing support for every kind of day.’

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Better wellbeing for thousands of employees

By amplifying the message through thoughtful social advertising and an email nurture flow, the campaign was able to reach thousands of employees and provide the everyday well-being support they were missing.

– 109,913 total contacts targeted
– 98,149 ad views
– 17,124 clicks – 17% CTR
– 6,132 calls – 35% conversion

“I wouldn't work with any other agency – it's a real testament to the whole team there of how dedicated and committed they are to not just getting the job done, but also achieving outstanding results.”

Jordan Gillott, Senior Marketing Manager