Telling real-life stories for a brand with public service at its heart

A bold brand awareness campaign that centred around a series of emotive brand stories; reaching public services leaders in their millions and reframing perceptions of the brand.

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A familiar name that needed redefining

Global IT organisation Civica is a name that has been known to its target audience for years, but its offering was very much misunderstood. At a time when digital transformation was a key priority for government departments, decision-makers were unaware that Civica was the perfect choice. To change these perceptions, they needed a campaign that would amplify their newly defined brand positioning.

True change for services and lives

To help convey the real Civica, we produced three emotive brand films that showed the brand for what it does best. The films were based around a central concept that defined Civica: creating true change for services and lives. The films featured three recent projects, all of which had helped keep the nation’s head above water mid-pandemic.

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Showing Civica’s human side

There’s no doubting the effectiveness of the campaign. With millions of views and a 1.2% brand uplift, the numbers speak for themselves, but there was always more to this programme. Through our targeted social and YouTube advertising, we were able to reach our audience on a human level, altering brand perceptions for good.

“Working with Digital Radish on the creative helped us find a dynamic and emotive way to demonstrate the real change we deliver for our customers and citizens across the UK.”

Luella Porter, Deputy Chief Marketing Officer, Civica