Schooling the tech world about a new kind of AI training

A children’s book, aimed simultaneously at 8-12 year olds and (crucially) tech investors, serving to explain the benefits of Edgify’s federated learning technology in a unique way. This project was a perfect example of what we do best: taking a complex proposition and making it simple.

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A brand that was struggling to communicate

Edgify is a truly groundbreaking startup that’s transforming the tech landscape with their AI training framework – the first to allow users to train DL and ML models directly on their own edge devices. But being lightyears ahead of the market can have its drawbacks. Such is the complexity and ingenuity of their product, they were having trouble explaining to investors and collaborators exactly how it works. They needed to communicate their offering in a way that anyone could understand, while generating good PR for the brand.

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Watering down a difficult concept

Edgify’s framework develops AI models on the device where they are to be used, enabling the user to bypass the cloud and train more democratically. Its benefits are numerous but hard to explain, and as we began conversations with Edgify’s founder Ofri, he highlighted this key difficulty, noting that he needed to communicate the framework simplistically enough for even his young nephew to follow. How better to do so than with a storybook?

With our book idea in place, we set about identifying an effective, engaging metaphor for Edgify, which would lay the groundwork for the story. We created the concept of a school of fish – led by our protagonist Goldie – who are able to complete an epic journey through collaboration, democracy and, crucially, sticking together – all principles of Edgify’s framework. 

Making a splash with Goldie and friends

The result is a truly unique piece of brand storytelling, that Edgify have been able to use in a number of ways:

– As a sales tool to describe their product
– As an introductory explainer for investors
– As a source for generating positive PR, having been
picked up by several publications including
Calcalist already

The book has so far proved a success on all fronts, with potential plans in place for a series of animated short videos to explore unique cases.
It also, when all’s said and done, has proved a thoroughly enjoyable read for children – surely the best compliment of all!

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“When are we getting together to talk about your 2021 plans and how do I get my hands on a copy of the book?”

Excited Investor, January 2021