APEX Analytix

Breaking Boundaries In New Financial Services Markets

Seizing untapped market potential, this campaign combined a unique financial services benchmarking report of Global 2000 organisations, a customised outreach programme and a bite-sized direct mail that outperformed targets and resulted in millions of dollars in pipeline revenue.

0leads generated from the benchmarking report

$ 0m in pipeline revenue

0% growth in brand awareness


APEX Analytix, the world’s leading provider of supplier portal software, had ambitious plans for growth and wanted to expand their reach in downmarket audiences (businesses with a revenue between $500 million and $2 billion), increasing awareness, leads and revenue.


First, we surveyed over 1,500 Global 2000 organisations to create the Financial Leaders’ Benchmarking Report, an unmissable report that the industry was lacking, distributed through targeted digital marketing, including media partnerships and social advertising, to put the report into the hands of key buyers and influencers.

Next, to bring benchmarking to life. Using innovative social selling techniques, we invited over 4,000 delegates to APEX Analytix’s exclusive industry-leading event. Finally, something the targets couldn’t resist: a DM of personalised and irresistible biscuit invitations to the event.


With $16 million in pipeline revenue, APEX Analytix has successfully reached the downmarket audience, whilst cementing their thought-leading status. On top of that, every target was hit:

Leads generated 260% over target

Gained 29 pieces of earned press coverage

1,675 engagements with APEX Analytix brand

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"Digital Radish’s disruptive creative campaign allowed us to break into new territories with a bang, securing $16 million in pipeline revenue from their lead-generation campaign."

Joy Hatch, VP of Global Marketing, APEX Analytix