APEX Analytix SmartVM

Plug into opportunities.

Plug into now.

A creative campaign to launch an innovative new product to the market for FinTech giant, APEX Analytix. It’s high impact, disruptive and driving demand-generation in new audiences.


APEX Analytix had ambitious targets for their industry-shaking new product, SmartVM. With a diversified product offering, they needed to make a big impression on new audiences, attracting high-value leads in the process.


For maximum impact, we focused on the market-leading feature of SmartVM: an API that enables real-time management of data in vendor masters. Considering how best to personify the game-changing nature of the product, we struck upon something innovative.

The big idea: Change is constant: Plug into Now.

This creative marketing campaign is championed by an interactive game and a launch video which are both used online and at events. These are underpinned by a report which surveyed 150 global financial leaders, revealing the true cost of poor vendor data.


Beating its lead generation target by more than 75%, the campaign has made a real impact for APEX Analytix.

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