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Why emotion is so important in B2B (and three campaigns that nailed it)

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Brands are increasingly realising that in today’s post-pandemic landscape, and amid global and economic turmoil, it’s no longer enough to simply ‘promote’ their products. 

Instead, they need to connect with audiences on a deeper level through shared values and purpose. After all, 90% of decisions are made based on emotion. It’s no wonder why B2B marketers are increasingly harnessing the power of emotion to create content that engages and moves their audience.

It’s what memories are made of


And intrinsically linked to emotions are memories which, when combined with repetition, fuel decision-making. 

This has been explored by far (far) cleverer people than us, and most recently at B2B Marketing’s Global ABM Conference.

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One of the speakers, Dr Carmen Simon, gave a talk on neuroscience: diving deep into how marketers can better gain their audiences’ attention and create engaging content. 

With all this in mind, below we’ve compiled a handful of brilliant B2B campaigns that use emotion to make them memorable.

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Travelers are an insurance company, covering the public and businesses. In this example they’re targeting small business owners and playing on a few different emotions to do so.

It’s a simple ad that uses a simple story but conveys it with empathy, a smattering of nostalgia and a dash of poignancy. For many, the small independent stores are a thing of the past, but those that still exist often have to fight hard for survival. Travelers are telling a relatable story to their audience, showing that they know and understand the challenges they face. 


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A distillery and Dropbox.

A distillery. And Dropbox.

A distillery. And. Dropbox.

We know, it took some time to get our heads around, too. But, showing that emotive content doesn’t always need to be film based, Dropbox moved away from selling their product upfront, and used a customer case study to tell a real story — and in turn, move away from a ‘hard sell’. 

SecondSight 3
SecondSight 1

It’s a flowing narrative, one that only brings Dropbox in halfway through and is utterly inspiring. And it also creates curiosity; you want to read and understand what the connection is between a distillery and Dropbox.

Right then, who’s for a tipple?

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An ad that is based around the brand name? And makes you smile? Wonderful!

Gong created this 30-second ad spot for Super Bowl 2022 — a huge statement and financial undertaking. But when you can create something as genuinely funny as this, you’re on to a winner. 

Sometimes humour can be divisive, and it’s always subjective. However, there’s no contentious issue here, no in-joke or comedy that is country-specific — just something that communicates their key message while being universally enjoyed. 

Touchdown! (C’mon, we had to!)


What are you feeling?


The next time you’re watching an advert, or you’re tasked with creating one, take a moment to consider how it’s making the audience feel. If you can’t pinpoint an emotion, something is wrong. Because, after all, feeling something is better than feeling nothing.  

See how we’ve embedded emotion into the heart of our brand awareness campaign for Civica here.