The Radishes and Quantexa ignite the stage in Chicago

11 . 07 . 23

This May, the Radishes took a quick trip over the pond to deliver a keynote speech at Ignite USA in Chicago. And as serendipity would have it, the ABM campaign we were about to present won Gold for Best Enterprise Targeted Campaign at Ignite’s B2B Marketing Elevation Awards – held the night before our speech.

You can see how it delivered some seriously impressive results in the video of the keynote speech below, presented by our co-MDs Lorna Charlish and Renaye Edwards, joined by Christine Brookhead, VP Field and Pipeline Marketing at Quantexa.

The campaign was developed for our client Quantexa, a tech platform that enables global organisations to detect fraud at scale. We love a challenger brand, and Quantexa epitomises that mindset, competing against established players such as IBM, BAE Systems and Oracle.

Quantexa’s core strength is its ability to connect data to add more context to fraud-detection decisions. But communicating this to our audience was complicated by the fact that they weren’t just hard to reach – they often didn’t even recognise the challenge their organisation faced.

And as any B2B or SaaS marketers will know, one of the common challenges of promoting cutting-edge solutions like this is making it understandable and emotive.

We needed to turn this rather abstract concept into something a little more relatable. Our idea was to make the audience feel like they had the power to unearth complex fraud cases by using Quantexa to spot hidden patterns and get a complete picture of fraud.

This became the cornerstone of our campaign, one that permeated every touchpoint with the audience. Instead of talking about connecting data, we showed how Quantexa’s solution would impact what they do on a daily basis and how they could have a bigger impact in their roles.


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This campaign targeted tier-one banks who had already invested millions in other fraud solutions. So it was really important that we balanced creativity and emotional resonance with being really precise about what that technology actually does, and how it fits into a crowded market.

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We created a one-to-few campaign using a two-tier approach. We prioritised 10 accounts that were warmer leads from the outset. Our 44 Silver accounts all received personalised outreach to senior decision-makers through platforms like Influ2, while the warmer Gold accounts were given an extra layer of personalisation and bespoke content to more stakeholders. 

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Tactics were mapped to each stage of the buying journey, which allowed us to deploy resource-intensive outreach only when prospects were ready. This enabled more efficient use of time, energy and budget, while avoiding behaviour that risked annoying the prospect. As well as funnel progression, we tracked an extensive range of metrics across engagement and revenue to measure success.

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At the time of writing our initial presentation, the campaign had already generated $3 million in marketing influenced pipeline. However, since then that number has more than doubled, along with $1.94 million marketing-sourced pipeline.

Don’t forget to check out our Quantexa case study where you’ll find more results and examples of how we brought our creative campaign to life.