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Digital Radish Wins Big at B2B Marketing Awards!

29 . 11 . 16

Since this post was written a few years ago, Digital Radish has won a whole host of b2b marketing awards. You can catch up on our latest b2b marketing award wins in 2020 here, where we picked up a gold and two silvers for our wonderful clients Veeam and Karhoo, and you can see how we filled our trophy shelf back in 2019 and 2018 too. But if you’re in the mood for nostalgia, stay here for the b2b marketing award wins of 2016…

B2B Marketing Awards 2016

The Digital Radish team donned their best frocks and tuxes for the annual B2B Marketing Awards on 24th November to see how our double-nominated campaign for When You Move, the modern property law firm, would fare.

We were delighted to be shortlisted for Best Product Launch and once again for Limited Budget Campaign; defending the latter title following our win in 2015 for our campaign with Unity.

We were up against some tough competition with campaigns for the likes of IBM, Fujitsu and Vodafone, but we were delighted to once again take home the award for Limited Budget Campaign, and also be awarded the Highly Commended certificate in the Best Product Launch category.

Our campaign, entitled ‘When You Move, launching a modern property law firm,’ was developed to create a long-term revenue pipeline for When You Move by winning the loyalty of “Introducers” i.e. estate agents. The campaign highlighted the time estate agents could save with the When You Move app, using innovative direct mail, social media advertising and content.

The Challenge

When You Move were aiming to revolutionise the conveyancing industry by delivering exceptional service underpinned by innovative technology and a bespoke app. But with over 4,000 competitors operating in the UK, When You Move was faced with an incredibly crowded market place. In addition, consumers may only move home a few times in their life, meaning that repeat business and retained revenue would be limited from consumer marketing.

Therefore, it was critical that When You Move could win over ‘Introducers’, the estate agents and brokers who help refer business to conveyancers. Often estate agents have been using the same conveyancer for years, so it was essential that When You Move could convince these loyal Introducers that, despite being new, their technology-first offer and focus on customer experience would be the right option for their clients.

Solution and Strategy

In order to target the best prospect, we used an account-based marketing strategy, identifying 252 estate agents out of a 16,565, which were in our ‘sweet spot’. We then based our strategy on:

–  Creating hyper-local campaigns, highly personalised and in high yield areas to get the best results from our limited budget

–  Identifying a key pain point for our audience (time lost) based on research, and creating a drumbeat of in-app and digital content to resolve it: “Time for…” concept.

–  Raising digital awareness through highly targeted social outreach and email campaigns to boost visibility

The campaign itself comprised of four phases:

Phase 1:

A personal social media introduction and launching a drumbeat of thought-leading content, including the top ten things that estate agents could do to save time and help their buyers through the process, as identified by 500 homebuyers.

Phase 2:

Direct Mail: we calculated the time that When You Move’s app would save an estate agent on a daily basis. We then calculated what they could do with the time saved, which included popping out for a doughnut and coffee. Therefore we created a branded package with doughnuts and a personalised flyer (and an invitation to coffee with one of the When You Move team.)

Phase 3:

Direct follow up with a personal invitation through social media.

Phase 4:

Developed a content strategy of reports, blogs and whitepapers (soon to be featured on the in-app content hub) and monthly newsletter was created, enabling estate agents to benefit from on-going tools and resources to help their buyers move home smoothly.


With a highly-tailored approach and a hyper-local targeting strategy, the launch has been a resounding success with an incredible 73% of targets responding to the campaign. Since the launch of When You Move’s social channels, they have become the most followed conveyancer on Twitter.

Gary King, Head of Sales and Business Development, When You Move, said, “In 30 years working in sales, this is the most successful marketing launch I’ve seen.”

Sarah Sketchley, Account Manager of the campaign said, “We’re really excited to have won another B2B Award for our work launching When You Move! It’s been great working with such an ambitious business who allow us to be experimental with our work – our local and personalised strategy turned out to be a huge success. We are looking forward to working on more award-winning projects…”