B2BCreative Campaigns

A campaign to win the hearts and minds of B2B buyers

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In B2B, people often forget that corporate decision-makers are the same kind of emotionally-driven, feelings-orientated buyers as everyone else.  If anything, a B2B purchase decision is even more emotional than B2C. In the world of work, jobs and reputations are on the line – you don’t get that kind of pressure as a consumer buying a phone. A study by Google, CEB Marketing and research firm Motista found that 71 per cent of B2B buyers who have an emotional connection to a B2B product or service end up buying that product or service.

To emotionally connect with target buyers, technology brands need to do something exciting, personal and interesting to stand out from the crowd of content and adverts.

Recently our client Masternaut, leaders in the telematics field, were facing new, niche competition for their cold chain telematics product. They needed to cut through the competition, with a bold, brave campaign to get this unparalleled product in front of key buyers. So we created a campaign concept that captured the originality of the product and its benefits, in a completely unique way, winning the heads and hearts of buyers.

This campaign is in progress but we couldn’t resist sharing what we’ve been up to so far…