Discover the power of both

An ABM campaign that captured the unrivalled strengths of Masternaut’s combined cold chain and telematics product, inspiring B2B buyers to discover the power of both.

This campaign is in progress, so the results aren’t in yet, but we couldn’t resist sharing what’s happened so far.


Masternaut are leaders in the telematics field, with a B2B offering that saves businesses money, improves their driver safety and lowers their carbon footprint. They were facing new, niche competition for their cold chain telematics product. They needed to cut through the competition, with a bold, brave ABM campaign to get this unparalleled product in front of key buyers.


Prospective customer and employee surveys, competitor auditing, and market analysis formed the deep-rooted thinking for this ABM campaign. We unearthed the key insight that the uncompromising combination of telematics and temperature monitoring in one platform was unmatched in the industry.

We captured this originality with the creative idea: ‘Discover the Power of Both,’ using impressive animals that thrive in cold climates. A report exploring the future of the cold chain industry hooks buyers, targeted through a mix of innovative social selling, media partnerships and digital advertising.

This is just the beginning of the campaign, but Masternaut has definitely discovered their wild side.