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5x finalists in 2019’s B2B Marketing Awards

21 . 08 . 19

We’re delighted to announce that Digital Radish has been nominated for FIVE International B2B Marketing Awards this year!

If you’re interested in knowing what type of marketing makes the shortlist, and bags the top awards (fingers crossed), then carry on reading for a quick summary of the campaigns we can share and our top tips.

Best Corporate Decision-Maker Targeted Campaign & Best Use of Account-Based Marketing

Masternaut: “One-to-One ABM: Getting Personal with the World’s Biggest Vehicle Manufacturers”


A campaign so good it’s been nominated for TWO awards. How, you ask?

We all know that getting your business in front of those high-calibre prospects isn’t always easy. But using our expert blend of ABM techniques, we helped Masternaut build personal relationships with key decision-makers, based on a deep understanding of their priorities, challenges and behaviours that we identified through rigorous account research and identification.

This ABM campaign also exemplifies Radish creativity at its best. We engaged and excited high-value prospects through both mystery and personalisation, all within a padlocked direct mail. This dramatic introduction lead prospects to a bespoke report full of exclusive data (gold dust to vehicle manufacturers). Not only did this showcase Masternaut’s leading expertise (and originality), but it secured connections with senior decision-makers, booked meetings and exceeded targets through an unforgettable campaign.

Top tip: When targeting high-value prospects, go that extra mile in your research – once you think you know enough, ask how you can know more – because attracting the experts means becoming an expert.

Best Limited-Budget Campaign

BSI: “Show Them What You’re Made Of”

BSI Image 2

Proving there’s no mountain too high for a Radish to flourish, we demonstrated that incredible campaigns don’t always need huge budgets. Determined to open doors to new markets for BSI, we crafted the ‘Show Them What You’re Made Of’ campaign. Our multi-touchpoint campaign challenged perceptions, evoked empowerment and brought in phenomenal results. With 400% more leads than targeted, Radish delivered the impossible for BSI within just 8 weeks!

Top tip: To get the most bang for your buck with limited budgets, divide your resources across multiple channels, then, optimise the most promising performers.

See how we rolled out ‘Show Them What You’re Made Of’ across our entire campaign here.

Best use of Account-Based Marketing

Masternaut: “Discover the Power of Both”

Masternaut Image

Combining our ABM expertise with Radish’s unbeatable creative genius, ‘Discover the Power of Both’, showed judges the wild side of B2B marketing. This campaign communicated Masternaut’s USP through a fiercely unforgettable creative concept, capturing the heads and hearts of prospects and nurturing buyers through a high-value funnel. Not only has it smashed targets, but it’s secured a place in the hall of fame at Radish HQ as one of our favourite creatives to date!

Top tip: Ditch the expectations of B2B – be bold and brave with your campaigns and find an identity that you can truly own.

You can find out more about this campaign here.


It’s been a fantastic year since winning two silver awards at 2018’s B2B Marketing Awards and we can’t wait to celebrate with our clients at the awards in November! Until then, we’ll continue to do what we do best – by breaking new ground for our clients (and having a bit of fun along the way).

If you want to find out more about any of these campaigns, or you think your business could do with a touch Digital Radish’s marketing genius, drop us a message at info@digitalradish.co.uk.