From Gaming To Architecture: Launching Unity Into A New Market

This innovative ABM campaign propelled Unity into new markets; driving 4,000 leads with a virtual reality app that won the B2B Marketing Award for Best Product Launch.

£ 0m in pipeline revenue

0leads across 127 countries

0B2B Marketing Award


Unity, the world’s leading gaming platform, wanted to expand its reach into a new market (the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) market) to promote its real-time virtualisation technology. From being market dominators in gaming, it now needed to raise its profile before engaging the target audience.


To pinpoint Unity’s marketing strategy, positioning, and routes to market, we interviewed prospective buyers and industry influencers, reviewed competitors, buyer personas, market trends and product requirements.

We then consolidated and developed a two-tiered campaign, to firstly raise awareness and then reach high-value buyers. The first stage included a survey of 1,000 architects across 135 countries which shaped our thought-leading content ‘The Future of Virtualisation in Architecture,’ which was distributed through influencers, media partners, digital and press.

The second stage consisted of an Account-Based Marketing campaign, including a virtual reality app, showcasing Unity’s technology by giving 600 architects a VR experience at their desks.


On top of £2 million in the pipeline, this campaign won a B2B Marketing Award, had a learning module CPD accredited and taken by 500+ architects, and launched with an event attended by some of the most influential figures in architecture.


“I cannot recommend Digital Radish highly enough. If you get a chance to work with them, do. Their market-entry strategy was excellent and the lead generation has worked far beyond all expectations.”

Antony Douglas, Vice President EMEA, Unity Technologies