Unifying data perspectives through enterprise search

A one-to-few and one-to-one ABM programme targeting financial services and manufacturing industry leaders who were unable to see the full picture when it came to their customer data, a challenge brought to life by clever creative and highly targeted and informative content. 


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Say goodbye to information gaps

Organisations within manufacturing and financial services were facing an information gap, often lacking a truly unified view of their data, which can impact both service quality and productivity. With a newly defined proposition and creative concept, we helped Sinequa demonstrate how large firms could unite their data to see the full picture, breaking free from historic silos.

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See the full picture

Through a programme of ten content pieces — including an interactive ROI Calculator, all personalised for 1-1 accounts – Sinequa articulated specific persona pain points throughout the buyer journey, underlining the positive revenue impact of enterprise search.

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Expanding horizons with ABM

The campaign successfully engaged key decision makers within a huge 89% of target accounts, culminating in 13 meetings booked for Sinequa’s business development team, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate the value that enterprise search could bring to organisations.