Bridges in Social Understanding

Helping children on the autism spectrum before they feel far, far away

In just 3 months, our creative campaign helped Bridges in Social Understanding achieve international brand awareness, drive parents to sign up to their online learning platform and most importantly create brighter futures for children on the autism spectrum.

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With an inspirational purpose to teach children on the autism spectrum life-changing social skills and with a brilliant educational platform, Bridges needed a highly-targeted campaign that would increase awareness and drive sign ups, before these children became disconnected from their social world.

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We developed a creative campaign that would emotionally amplify the time-critical nature of support that children on the autism spectrum need. “Far, Far Away” powerfully speaks to the risks a ‘wait and see approach’ can have on the wellbeing of children on the autism spectrum and considerately triggers the audience to see the need for change.


Supported with a website redevelopment and a social and content strategy that reflected Bridges’ new messaging, we targeted parents through digital and social advertising, key autism influencers (like BBC presenter Chris Packham), media partners and international charity partnerships.

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Not only did this 3 month campaign successfully engage Bridges’ niche audience and cement their position in the market – it achieved its most important goal of giving children on the autism spectrum the skills they need to live happier, social lives in the years to come.