ESG Case Study

Change that matters

An ESG-focused, strategic ABM play for a global IT services company into a key global financial services account

Client challenges

  • Struggling to engage account leadership in meaningful and lasting conversations
  • Not viewed as a ‘peer’ and true business transformation partner by account leadership in the HQ or across key global locations
  • Not seen as innovative enough
  • Management consultancies occupying the top tables in account and leveraging existing exec relationships to drive footprint expansion
  • Little to differentiate our client from these competitors from a perspective of value in the eyes of the account 
  • A risk-averse work culture combined with a focus on cost cutting while demanding exemplary execution and original ideas

Our approach

Aside from pinpointing hidden attributes including: proprietary IP from running critical systems, ability to scale up talent-on-demand, knowledge share-based upskilling of account personnel and outcomes-based, risk-sharing delivery models and accelerators.

What enabled us to accelerate engagement and shift perceptions was identifying and surfacing our client’s exemplary ESG credentials and knowledge. Second to none in the IT services space, these attributes were without challenge inside the account and immediately demonstrable. 

This was especially important as leadership in the account had just announced a strategic intention to shape the future of sustainable investments, become net zero by 2050, address societal challenges and support a diverse workforce.

The solution

Digital Radish crafted an overarching proposition anchored in the unique combination of the tangible digital capabilities and intangible digital competencies our client is delivering inside the account to create a technological differentiator and build market advantage.

However, a primary focus was our client’s ESG credentials (Carbon Neutral in 2020, One of WSJ 100 Most Sustainable Managed Companies in the World, etc.) and how they are applying this knowledge – internally across everything thing they do – and proactively to reduce client energy use and emissions, while making client technologies and operations more effective, efficient, compliant and, ultimately, more marketable.

Positioned as “Change that Matters“, this was the game-changer that enabled our client to reach, engage and recalibrate how account leadership viewed the business – if only because these execs could see the alignment with their strategy, challenges along with potential to leverage for their own business story and advantage.


  • This “ESG door opener” enabled our client to establish regular ‘exec-to-exec ESG sessions’ where account leadership was able to consult directly with our client on best practices for embedding ESG into their business and technology operations
  • In turn, this opened up the opportunity to establish a major joint initiative, a co-funded venture for a ‘code to crayon digital accelerator hub’ designed specifically to drive service and product innovation anchored in responsible practices and outcomes
  • Fuelled by these initiatives and the subsequent boost in mindshare and brand equity, client/account engagement has seen significant uplift resulting in a raft of new tender opportunities representing multi-million-dollar value.

To learn more about this and other ESG-focused initiatives that Digital Radish is helping clients to realise almost immediate value from, please contact: 

Adam Greener, Associate Director. Email: Mob: +44 (0)07933 922 307

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