From Disruption To Domination: Launching An Insurtech Startup

A creative launch campaign for an insurtech startup on a mission to disrupt the outdated insurance industry. This campaign balanced bold, stop-in-your-tracks creative with trust-building content. You could hear the splash made for miles.

0% increase in quote-to-purchase conversion

0video content views

0% ROI


We love a client on a real change-the-world mission. Homelyfe wanted to transform buying insurance from a painful, resented chore to a seamless, digital experience that you could do in just 4 minutes. As an unknown startup, they needed to increase awareness and build trust with consumers, whilst standing out amongst the crowd of competitors.


Using customer research and user-testing, we developed a bold creative campaign that we knew would make the target audience tick and distinguish the brand from the rest of the market.

“Insure Easy” creatively spoke to the triggers, barriers and pain points that customers experience when buying insurance. The campaign was underpinned by a content strategy that educated and engaged the target audience, building trust and confidence among consumers for an unknown brand, which was amplified by a digital advertising plan that hit the audience at key life milestones for maximum impact.


This unknown startup became an industry disruptor with a perfectly targeted, engaged audience.


3.7% social engagement rate

500,000 people reached

38,000 video content views

Increased dwell time by 14%

"Digital Radish provide not just brand and creative work but a consultative, strategic approach. Their energy and commitment means they act like the brand and take the same care as if it were their business."

Peter Goodman, CEO, Homelyfe