A rebrand taking a passionate challenger back to its roots

Leveraging Atlas’ advantage as a passionate challenger in the Master Trust industry, we took this brand back to its roots to what matters most: the financial futures of every member.

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With changes in the pension Master Trust industry, Atlas had a window of opportunity, but to seize it, it needed to rediscover the identity it first set out with, embrace its relationship with Capita, and find differentiation in the face of well-established competition.

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We unearthed a core value of real consideration that differentiated Atlas from the well-known names in the market, being the best if not the biggest. This consideration encompassed Atlas’ independent trustee-led and member-driven philosophy and passion for ensuring members feel confident in their financial futures.

Newly defined as ‘The Considered Choice of Master Trust’ and with a grounded purpose: ‘to create financial futures from working lives so our members are the masters of the life they choose,’ the Atlas brand has been reinvigorated, with humility, and without well-known pension clichés.

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Alongside a persuasive visual identity, tone of voice and messaging, Atlas now has a brand with purpose to establish them as a major player in a consolidating industry.

“Loved working with the team at Digital Radish. Their expertise, innovative thinking and enthusiasm made it a hugely rewarding and successful project.”

Gary Smith, CEO, Atlas Master Trust