Applaud Rebrand

A HR tech brand with consumer-grade standards

With a new visual identity, tone of voice and messaging, this rebrand gave Applaud a brand to rival any consumer technology leader and a purposeful stance in the industry.

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Applaud, a HR technology brand, had evolved over 10 years with huge successes along the way. But they had more potential, and to seize it they needed to simplify their complex product offering and strengthen their value proposition, going beyond making current HR systems ‘pretty,’ and creating a brand with a future.

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Our branding methodology uncovered a unique opportunity for Applaud where they could take ownership of a whole new category of HR technology based on the team’s deep understanding of employees. With the critical contention that employees should enjoy the same standards and experiences from technology inside the world of work, as they expect outside the world of work, as consumers, the brand idea was born: consumer-grade technology for the world of work.

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This compelling brand DNA gave Applaud something to stand for and believe in. It fed into the visual identity, capturing the desirability of consumer brands. From the website, to thought-leading content and event collateral, everything represented the simplicity of everyday consumer experiences.

"LOVE IT! The words are fantastic. They position Applaud so elegantly I’m almost envious we haven’t been able to do this ourselves after 10 years at Applaud! There is so much great content in there, I was smiling reading it."

Duncan Casemore, Co-Founder, Applaud