A brand that stands for something moves forward faster. We work with you to get to the heart of your business to define your brand’s DNA, and then how it looks, feels and sounds; always based on market, customer and employee insight.


Brand Strategy

Creating a brand that connects you with your audience, that delivers a strong, unique, memorable identity is built from deep-rooted thinking.

We gather insight from customers, employees and stakeholders through interactive brand workshops to unearth your purpose, beliefs and proofpoints, and to inform our brand storytelling strategy.

With these insights and with market/competitor research, we define the Brand DNA – your values, personality, positioning and proposition, to capture the true originality of your products and business.

Brand Visualisation

Before we dive into the big brand reveal, we develop the foundations of your brand DNA to a powerful identity that you and your employees can live and breathe by. Every small detail is considered – from the words you would use and the buzzwords you hate to the colours that represent your energy and style. Then, when your identity is airtight, we’ll help you rollout your new brand visuals through beautifully designed brand guidelines. From tone of voice guidelines and logos, to fonts and visual dos and don’ts, we develop every application of your brand so that you can deliver a seamless experience for your customers.

Why Rebrand?

Wondering why do companies rebrand? If you’re struggling to connect with new audiences, if your team gives you very different answers to “What does your company do and why?”, if you’re going through a merger or acquisition, if there’s no consistency across your brand touchpoints, then you’ll need a strong rebranding strategy. Our strategic insight and creativity turns fast-growing business into more valued and valuable brands.


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