Account-Based Marketing

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Digital Radish are specialist, award-winning Account-Based Marketing experts helping complex tech brands convert those high-value leads in competitive markets (if we do say so ourselves).

What is Account-Based Marketing you ask? ABM is a highly targeted approach to marketing and is based around an individual’s needs and challenge. Here’s how we put our Account-Based Marketing agency name to claim.

Finding The Right Accounts

We start our campaigns like data scientists – with a deep-dive analysis into account identification, market research and customer insight. It might not sound glamorous, but this thorough process ensures that we are grouping, mapping and qualifying the most valuable accounts and creating the right buyer personas and pairing them with the most impactful ABM programme (either 1-1, 1-Many or 1-Few).


Abm Campaign Strategy

With your perfect buyers and target accounts in mind, we hold workshops and stakeholder interviews with your business to explore compelling ways to strategically position your brand in front of these prospects. We use these insights to develop a powerful creative campaign and B2B content marketing strategy that’ll resonate with your target audience across every touchpoint of their buying journey.


Abm Execution

After making sure that Marketing and Sales team are aligned, we create a distribution programme that’ll nurture leads through the sales funnel. We tailor B2B content creation to the right personas, use Social Selling techniques to personalise outreach and pollinate content, design digital advertising and event collateral, and send unforgettable direct mails to high-value leads.


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