When You Move Branding Project

19 . 08 . 16


Here at Radish towers we recently completed an exciting branding project for one of our clients, the modern property law firm, When You Move. Take a look into the brand journey and how we ended up with a completely fresh new look, which has helped to support When You Move’s recent exponential growth.


Launching into the market

When You Move were looking to launch into an already saturated property market. However, When You Move have a unique proposition: with proprietary technology, including a bespoke app for every customer, When You Move enables house buyers and sellers to track the progress of their move at every stage. Industry leading customer service and technology enables home moves to be completed in record time. With this proposition and service to go alongside years of expertise in their staff, they wanted a brand to match, one that would drive sales and position When You Move as an authority in the market.

As a conveyancer, When You Move works alongside estate agents, mortgage brokers and homebuyers, so the new brand had to resonate with both businesses and consumers. The brand needed to be one that conveyed authority as well as being friendly and approachable.


Our Art Director Matty worked alongside When You Move to establish the core values the company wanted reflected in the brand:

1.  Stress-free conveyancing

2.  Authority and expertise

3.  Customer service, trust and transparency

When designing the rebrand,Matty considered that When You Move stands for making the customer journey of selling a house simpler and less tense. “The main thing that resonated with me was “stress free”, so I wanted to ensure the brand was light, calming and fresh, ultimately that it was instantly personable,” he said.

The branding process began with looking at colours that reflected the stress-free nature of When You Move. Matty also wanted to ensure that the brand didn’t become too corporate; the colours chosen are the perfect balance between casual and commercial.

The brand captured this stress-free philosophy by using calming colours, key gradients, hero assets and a two-tone logo to reflect the definitive journey of purchasing a home as a direct and painless experience.

Two calming, complementary colours, aqua and mauve, create a gradient which suggests the experience of transition, which is key to moving home. The treatment of all imagery with a gradient of these two colours enhances this feeling of moving throughout the brand, in a subtle and calming way.


WHEN YOU MOVE NEVER USES CAPITALS. The emphasis on stress-free as a concept meant that not only the logo and imagery of the brand needed to project a sense of calm, but the language and typeface must do so also. An important rule established early on was that When You Move never use capitals. Instead, the light slim lined texts maintained the brand’s fresh feel; allowing the typography and words to flow and breathe on the page.


When You Move’s staff proudly possess years of experience in conveyancing and are true experts in the sector. They wanted their brand to reflect this authority.

Matty says that the most important element to reflect the authority of the brand was the logo with the definitive full stop: “I liked that the logo used a dot to symbolise moving from one place to the other (the house move itself) and wanted to use this as a hero asset throughout, adding to the definitive house move as well as highlighting completion.”

Customer Service and Transparency

When You Move also values the need for a holistic customer journey: excellent customer service and transparency throughout the whole house-buying process. The circular/rounded assets represent the complete service offered by When You Move and reflects the buying process from start to finish.

The consistency of the brand helps to reflect When You Move’s promise of excellent customer service. The fact that the brand has been fleshed out means that the customer journey has already begun before the customer has necessarily taken up a policy. It instantly puts the customer in a good frame of mind and helps them appreciate the efforts When You Move have made.

Stylisation of the image adds another layer of consistency to the brand – a three-step process that includes an overlay with mauve replacing black and an aqua gradient to the right. It is a simple and easy filter system that really brings together the brand across all forms of media, with colours, emotion and content.


The results were a complete brand that reflected the essence of When You Move, and a very happy client.

“The new branding is clean and attractive and reflects exactly what When You Move is: a modern property law firm that takes the stress out of moving. Matty and the creative team at Digital Radish did an excellent job in creating the new design, taking on board what we wanted and turning it around quickly and efficiently to help deliver a newly-designed website which has become our online shop window,” says Simon Bath, CEO, When You Move.

After lots of hard work from the creatives in Digital Radish we had an incredibly successful launch, and alongside our web development partners we designed and built a brand new website. We delivered brand guidelines, branded stationary and collateral. The branding helped form the bedrock for an ongoing marketing programme that we delivered, exceeding targets by over 35%.