What makes award-winning B2B marketers?

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Last year we won Limited Budget Campaign and Highly Commended for Best Product Launch at the B2B Marketing Awards for our client When You Move. It was a challenging category to win and we were up against the likes of IBM, Fujitsu and Vodafone.

But this isn’t just another excuse to brag about our award win again, because after the awards Renaye Edwards, our MD, was invited onto the c-suite podcast to reveal the secrets to winning a B2B Marketing Award. This podcast has recently been selected by the CIPR (The Chartered Institute of Public Relations) for their CPD programme (Continuing Professional Development). CIPR CPD is a free online platform which supports marketers to keep improving and to be at the top of their game and is well worth checking out.

Alongside Catherine Howard, Marketing Director at Atos, and Joel Harrison, Editor of B2B Marketing, Renaye discusses what it takes to become an award-winning marketer and how to breed award-winning marketers as a manager. Check out the podcast here or review the highlights:

Identifying strengths

Identifying personality types is crucial to building brilliant, cohesive teams. There are many ways to do this, including DiSC profiles and Packtypes, that are great for pinpointing individual strengths, recognising the dynamics within a team and also identifying the type of people you should recruit in the future.


Armed with the behavioural differences and communication preferences of your team, you will be able to build strong relationships and create a culture of collaboration. For us, the team building starts with team squats every morning. For Atos, a collaboration between the sales and marketing team was crucial and something that Catherine worked hard to bring together.


Creativity needs fostering, and ground-breaking ideas don’t tend to happen from behind a screen. Give your teams the space to flourish- that starts with encouraging them to leave the office at lunch, or escaping to somewhere inspiring (we’re lucky enough to have The British Museum on our doorstep).

Relationship with agencies

Gone are the days of just delivering and responding to a brief. Now agency-client relationships are partnerships, with agencies working as an extension of the business. It’s the only way to truly get under the skin of a client’s business.


To win a b2b award and to be a great marketer you need to do more than meet KPIs: you need to show how you’re shifting the business forward and ultimately making it more successful.

We’ve kept the best bits for the podcast, so have a listen here.