Webinar: ABM in Lockdown

23 . 04 . 20

6 weeks on from Lockdown, we are delighted to be joined in a new webinar by ABM leaders from SAP, Hitachi, Portswigger Web Security, and Netcore to share what they’ve learnt over the course of an unprecedented few weeks, and what they’ve got planned going forward

To join the discussion on Thursday 30th April, sign up here. 

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During this session, we will cover:

  • How have their programmes needed to adapt in light of COVID-19?
  • What practical adjustments will prove the most valuable?
  • Where will their programmes be over the coming months and years? 
  • What area of ABM is most affected? How will account selection, messaging and content shift?
  • Who has had successes so far as marketing shifts pivot to new techniques and channels? 
  • How has sales and marketing alignment had to change?
  • How are ABM leaders preparing to position their businesses for growth post lockdown? 

Learn from previous webinars

In our previous webinar we discussed how the B2B marketing world is recalibrating to this new reality, and shared ideas about how ABM strategies can be adjusted to work in light of COVID-19. You can read the highlights or catch up on the webinar here.