The rise of the Purpose-Tech revolution

04 . 12 . 19

A short guide to technology with a social conscience

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How often do you think; I hope they make an app for that?

We all do – it’s the consequence of the world we live in. When faced with the tiniest inconvenience we expect instant access, instant solutions to our everyday problems, and after a few months, a year, we get exactly what we wished for. It’s great right?

We live in a world of Ubers, Facebooks, Alexas and Netflix. Technology has genuinely mastered everyday inconveniences, making life simpler, easier and faster than ever before – for most of us.

But that’s precisely the problem. This technology was designed to help the many, however, sometimes it fails to replicate this for those most in need of it. That’s where something was missing, something more sought after than anything else and nobody quite knew what that was – until now.

A recent wave of innovation has infiltrated markets, unlocking possibilities of a world that caters for everyone and provides solutions for the world’s most complex issues.


But what’s it all about?


If you’re still puzzled, ask yourself if we really need another social media platform, a new takeaway app or more interactive robots for your smart home? Or do we actually need a truly fair society, with agile healthcare provisions and opportunities for those whose lives are hindered by unfortunate circumstances? Well now, the people that are confronting these issues are right on our doorstep.

We’re talking about the technology that is on a mission to empower those who the first wave of innovation forgot, combating that which prevents people from getting the most out of their lives.

We call it ‘Purpose-Tech’ – an industry of innovators, ground-breakers, change-makers and risk-takers. These are the pioneers of modern social change and the ‘techsperts’ who started asking why isn’t there an app for that?  

London has always been known for innovation, but it has recently become home to a wealth of businesses that are leading this Purpose-Tech revolution. Capturing the attention of investors, governments and consumers, these brands are harnessing the power of technology for good, improving lives and ultimately transforming the way we treat each other.


One purpose, diverging perspectives 


We know that you’re always hearing about the ‘next best thing’, and let’s be honest, quite often it’s not.

So, we’ve put together a list of our current top five Purpose-Tech brands to watch, a few names at the frontline of the charge for change, who really are the next best thing…



With the lack of support for mental health being one of today’s most pressing issues, it’s not hard to see why Headspace is a popular name in London’s Purpose-Tech scene. The meditation and holistic wellness app is providing people with the resources to tap into peacefulness and feel more at one with themselves in a hectic world, without the hassle.



The 3D-printing orthopaedics technology which is providing life-changing support for children with Cerebral Palsy within days, rather than months. Andiamo is on a mission to relieve families and allow patients to reclaim their childhood, with the technology that has the potential to improve access to imperative healthcare all over the world.



Described as the dating app for like-minded mothers, Peanut is much more than a social media platform. The app allows women to meet others near them who want to build relationships, support each other and feel empowered by motherhood in all of its glory.



The platform that is unlocking refugees’ potential as language tutors to professionals and organisations across the UK. Chatterbox is transforming the livelihoods of refugees that arrive in the UK and act as a catalyst for reforming the adverse dialogue that surrounds the subject of asylum-seeking.



The food sharing app that everyone is talking about. Olio is fighting the food wastage epidemic with a simple concept: sharing. With sustainability at its core, this platform allows communities and neighbourhoods to share food and other household items that would otherwise go to waste. All while bringing people together in the process.


These five companies alone are improving mental health, remodelling medical care, creating opportunities, empowering marginalised groups and making a sustainable lifestyle accessible to all. They are just five out of hundreds highlighting the potential of this incredible movement to generate change on an unprecedented scale.


Where do I stand?


If you share the values of Purpose-Tech entrepreneurs, you don’t need to write code to have an impact. Join the revolution by simply downloading the apps, sharing their services with those who need them, and emphasising, where you can, the necessity of innovation that is coded with compassion.

We admire Purpose-Tech brands because they facilitate change, not just convenience. So, watch this space with us and let’s see what they conquer next.