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Locked down, not out: How Veeam kept things personal amid a pandemic

23 . 11 . 20

The B2B Marketing ABM Conference 2020 took place in November, treating B2B marketers everywhere to 2 days of wall-to-wall talks from the best in the business. 

Among them were our co-founder, Renaye Edwards, and Jonathan Ridley, Senior Enterprise Marketing Manager of Veeam Solutions, with whom we’ve worked closely. The pair’s talk, Locked down but not out: How Veeam kept things personal in the midst of a pandemic, which you can watch on video below, charts the unprecedented success of an ABM programme we worked on together.

The 1:1 campaign – Backup. Move forward – soared past its KPIs in a market hit by COVID-19. Making use of a reimagined strategy and sticky content to reach straight into the work-from-home offices of executive and technical decision makers across the country, the campaign targeted 19 enterprise accounts through a 7-touchpoint programme with a highly-personalised set of content and comms, and constant strategic re-evaluation of the market. 

Watch the talk above to learn how to:

  • Create a human-to-human connection through engaging content & creative, not only at an account level but at a contact level too.
  • Penetrate accounts through a multi-touch programme with limited channels available.
  • Stay agile whilst navigating an ever-changing market.
  • Ensure sales remain fully engaged.

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