Keeping minds marching: the 5 EdTech brands leading the way this month

31 . 03 . 20

For teachers and learners the world over, these are testing times*.

And as the unprecedented events we’re seeing across the globe continue to influence our working and personal lives, one thing above all seems certain: we’re going to be spending a lot more time at home, online. But that can be a positive thing.

As specialists in marketing for change-making technology brands, we’ve followed the education technology sector with interest for some time, as new, game-changing platforms and applications pop up seemingly by the day. It’s a sector that’s growing rapidly, with EdTech spending expected to double over the next five years. Although, given recent events, that estimate could be on the low side.

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a parent, a child, an employer, a job-seeker or just a new hobby-seeker, there’s a stack full of sites and apps to check out. So, in the interest of saving time, we’ve compiled 5 platforms who are well and truly leading the EdTech march, setting the standard for online learning and keeping the flag flying for teaching, learning and self-improvement. Because at a time like this, the show must go on.

*Pun intended

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A platform for both individual learners and businesses, Udemy boasts a catalogue of more than 100,000 online courses and topics ranging from personal development to creative pursuits, Business, Health & Fitness and countless more. Courses offer hours of resource including on-demand video, articles and downloadable content, with access available via your desktop, TV or mobile.

Udemy boasts not only quantity but quality, with dynamic courses outlined and taught by experts in each particular field, plus some fantastic discounts for new users. So, for a course in just about anything except kitchen sink throwing, Udemy is the first place to look!

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Aula is all about blended teaching and learning, offering a highly dynamic platform for universities and their students to interact with one another. It’s like a social media platform, creating a shared space for academic discussion, shared resources and cross-departmental collaboration.

Aula is a practical platform that not only helps professors and students keep academic discussions going remotely, but also gives students highly transferable digital skills for their future working lives. For institutes looking to maintain student communication, it’s ideal.

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Social skills are a huge part of any child’s development, particularly at a time like this. For parents or teachers of children on the autism spectrum, Bridges in Social Understanding is a helpful online curriculum that provides the resources to help children develop the crucial social skills needed to thrive both academically and socially. 

Offering a long-term path, weekly lessons and a free trial for those hoping to try it out, Bridges is a source of real inspiration for bridging the gap with children who need it most.

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Boclips is a top resource for teachers, schools and course publishers. They source, licence and curate educational videos, handing them over to you rubber-stamped and ready to use, so you can concentrate on the most important thing: teaching.

By signing up to their platform, educators gain access to their impressive library of content. They’re offering an extended free demo until the 30th June, too, so for anyone looking to try it – now’s the time.

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With a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions around the world, FutureLearn is an academic learning resource offering flexible, collaborative and often, free courses of the highest calibre.

Each of their programmes blends learning techniques, combining video, audio and articles with free student discussion within a structured, digestible course duration. Offering courses in everything from Law to Science, Education & Maths, there’ll be something for you no matter who you are.



We know it’s a worrying time right now, and people may find things weighing on them a little more than usual. But learning can help take you away from all that. It’s a positive distraction that gives you a sense of control and fulfilment that we feel everyone deserves, especially at a time like this. And, with the above 5 brands leading the way in a truly sky-rocketing sector, you’ll never be stuck for choice. 

If any of this month’s 5 leading EdTech brands get a big green tick from you too, be sure to check them out. Or, if you know of some other great platforms that we can feature in the future, feel free to email us at renaye@digitalradish.co.uk with more suggestions. We’re here to learn, after all!