Inspirational Radishes: Creating our way through the year

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What a year. Two lockdowns, three tiers and – if you’re anything like us – a whole lotta Netflix.

Whilst we’d love to be back in the office (ah, the camaraderie!) more time at home has been kind of wholesome. And, without that pesky commute, it’s been a great opportunity to do more of what we love – getting creative!

Not to blow our own trumpet, but creativity is kinda our thing. We’ve always encouraged each other to follow creative pursuits in their spare time, and over the course of this strange year it’s safe to say they’ve outdone themselves. 

And as we hurtle towards a very unusual Christmas, it looks like there might be a good chunk of WFH time to go yet – so if you’re weary with your banana bread and have done more jumping jacks than Joe Wicks, never fear: the Radishes are here with some serious inspiration. From stitch-tastic embroidery to inquisitive podcasts, they’ve come up with all sorts of creative ways to pass the time. 

What are you waiting for? 2021 is just around the corner (hooray!) so pick up your proverbial paint brushes and break into the New Year, a little frazzled perhaps, but confident in the knowledge that you’re a creative superstar. 

Isabelle, Account Executive

Digital Radish LockdownCreativity Izzy

2020 has been a journey of very specific culinary discoveries for Isabelle, who decided to turn every day – or lots of days, at least – into pancake day! She’s been wowing us with her snaps of truly mouth-watering pancake-stacks pretty much all year, and it’s safe to say we’re a little jealous. What’s more, all of the ingredients are healthy. At least, that’s what she told us: we’re not sure we believe her…

Jess, Graphic Designer

Digital Radish LockdownCreativity Jess

Next up is Jess, who’s been weaving away furiously creating some truly magnificent embroidery patterns – I mean, just look at them! She says she does them to relax, which is astounding when you consider the attention to detail. If that’s what she does to switch off, what does she do when she’s concentrating?! Well, we can answer that one, actually. Take a look at these fantastic illustrations she did for one of our latest ABM pieces.

Jack, Creative Copywriter

Digital Radish Lockdown Creativity Jack

Most of us have probably done our fair share of box sets this year, haven’t we. It’s one thing to watch one – but quite another to make one! But that’s exactly what Jack has been doing, dividing his time between working from home and – uh – Working from Home, a six-part sitcom he’s written and recorded over Zoom with some friends. The show follows the staff of a struggling gardening app, trying to get by under lockdown. Very topical. Have a look!

Ravinder, Finance Director

Digital Radish Lockdown Creativity Ravinder

Ravinder’s our Finance Director, and we’ve always known she’s great with numbers – but it turns out she’s quite the word whizz, too. She and her family have been locked in an epic battle of tabletop proportions, pitting their wits against one another with a game of scrabble a day. They kept a running tally of the scores in order to crown the ultimate lockdown champ, which Ravinder sat proudly at the top of until, well, they all got a bit bored. We hear you, Ravinder. There’s only so much competitive Scrabble one family can take. You might notice in the pictures that the tiles are a little too big for the board. That’s because they soaked them in Dettol earlier in the year as a safety precaution – now there’s true commitment to hygiene!

Sarah, Head of Content and Messaging

Digital Radish Lockdown Creativity Sarah

From content to concrete, Sarah’s spent the last few months crafting a range of cement-based creations including candles, coasters, plant pots and a tiny stool (presumably designed for gnomes). Her apartment floor is likely to cave in at any time, but at least she’s not had to buy her friends any birthday presents in 2020. 

Alexa, Senior Account Manager

Digital Radish Lockdown Creativity Alexa

Last but certainly not least we have Alexa, who’s made her very own podcast with a couple of friends. It’s called Do bees have knees? – a fortnightly show that takes a look at the most googled questions of that time period. The format sees the three presenters read the google searches out to one another before trying to guess what on earth the answer might be, striking the perfect balance between informative and silly in the process. Like the sound of it? Then visit their site.


So there we have it. 6 very different, very creative pursuits, all carried out through a lockdown-filled year alongside what has actually been a really busy time for Digital Radish. I think we’re all hoping for a very different 2021, but no matter how things turn out, you can be sure we’ll be stretching our creative muscles once more.

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