4 steps to Account-Based Marketing success: The key to mastering communication through marketing

30 . 07 . 19

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is being increasingly hailed as the B2B breadwinner. 

Where marketing has traditionally been about higher volume, lower value deals, ABM turns this on its head. It’s a highly-personalised, highly-targeted strategy which allows you to design specialised campaigns to win those desirable high-value accounts. 

Making waves in the digital scene, ABM fosters relationships and brings personalisation to the forefront of successful marketing. But we know it’s easy to get lost in all the jargon, so the Radishes have prepared this short guide to take you from perplexion to perfection in your ABM wisdom. It’s time to get schooled by the experts on the tools you need to deliver the crème de la crème of ABM campaigns. Let us drive your achievement game to the next level.



First, if you are unsure of your goals, then today is the day to set some clear, concise and consistent objectives to project that shining company confidence towards your targets. 

For each campaign, you need first to decide ‘What do we want to achieve?’

Whether it’s increasing your industry recognition (one-to-many), grabbing those ideal clients (one-to-few), or building a relationship with that one exciting prospect that you’ve been dying to connect with (one-to-one), your objectives will enhance the consistency of your campaign and lay the foundations for your strategy. So, get thinking about your goal and stick to it. 


2. Get Up Close and Personal 

In ABM, research is everything. Understanding your prospects, their pain points, business cycles, goals and customers will allow you to communicate your message with precision and dynamism. Without creating a meaningful understanding of your targets, you’ll never be able to form that bond. It’s your task to get this insight to formulate your outreach plan. 

Here’s how Symantec did it:

The software company undertook a four-month research project to find a way to categorise their 1,500 prospects into just six different personas. This allowed them to not only cross borders, industries and cultures but to also learn more about their market than ever before!

You too can make your ABM investments more lucrative with some high calibre research behind it. This will contribute to future projects and facilitate progressive innovation within your company. 


3. The Weird, The Wild and The Wonderful 

How will you stand out? Whether you want to make them laugh, smile, think or learn, it’s essential that you use your research to decide how to capture the hearts and minds of your targets successfully. Your creative execution is imperative, whether it’s through a fun and interactive direct mail, an inspiring event or a digital outreach campaign that packs a punch. With ABM, the more creative the better. 

See how our recent work for Masternaut has taken innovative yet informative ABM to the next level here. 

Remember: get your creative juices flowing and consider how you can communicate the corporate through the colourful. 


4. At Last, It’s Time for Marketing & Sales To Become Jay Z & Béyonce 

ABM requires a significant level of consistency and collaboration from both Marketing and Sales teams, from driving initial engagement through to closing a deal and winning accounts. A harmonious relationship between these teams from the get-go will better inform your choices, whilst giving you the confidence that your besties in Sales will be waiting on the other side to pick up the phone, book those meetings and continue to communicate your message. This is a pivotal component of triumphant ABM wins. 


And You’re Good To Go

If you follow these steps and commit to a strong and focused ABM strategy, you’ll be able to combine superb marketing genius with an efficient, well-informed approach that can be used time and again. The efforts put into Account-Based Marketing, when done correctly, can transcend into other aspects of your business, providing value not only in those impressive wins but through insight and inspiration that can influence the future of your company. 


If you’re ready to take your marketing game to the next level, contact with us at info@digitalradish.co.uk or check out our most recent ABM campaigns here.

If we haven’t convinced you enough, the proof is in the profit.