A Brand To Confidently Embrace The Future

A rebrand that perfectly captured the passion Merit has for the transformational powers of data and code, and its relevance within the B2B media industry. We repositioned the brand, showing customers that there’s so much more to Merit.


Merit had experienced strong growth over 10 years, silently underpinning the world’s leading media brands like The Financial Times through data and code. But they felt their customers knew them for who they had been in the past, not for the services they could provide today. Merit’s potential was relatively undiscovered.


It was our job to discover it. To do this we gained insight from one-to-one interviews, stakeholder workshops, and employee and customer surveys, which formed the foundation of the brand DNA, values and personality.

We developed a unifying mission: to ensure the B2B media industry could confidently embrace the future through data and code, and brought this to life with a bold visual identity that captured both the passion Merit has for the potential of data and code to transform B2B media brands, and the company’s culture.

At the centre of it all sat The Merit Labs, a revolutionary AI concept and tech incubator that harnessed the explosion in tech development for clients. Rollout covered everything from the launch party to the website for a consistent, compelling brand that helped Merit break new ground.